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Wii Wish You A Merry Christmas

This is a post that I started writing on 28 December 2006, but have only just got around to finishing... (13 Jan 2007). It's a messy post with no theme and is a bit all over the place. Oh what the heck.

On Christmas Eve, my bro, his girlfriend, myself and Simon headed to my bro's girlfriend's place for a lovely dinner with her family. One of the many features of the evening was playing the Nintendo Wii. It was awesome. We played tennis. Having literally grown up playing Nintendo (and having Mario Kart tournaments in Years 10-11 where I ranked something like 7th in the World (even though participants were from the south-eastern suburbs)), it was nice to be reacquainted with the Nintendo console. When playing against my bro, we were both standing up perfecting the art of the slice and applying top spin to the ball, all the while he was boxing me into the corner of the room so I had nowhere to swing my control/racquet! It was all very funny.

After a lovely dinner, we sat down at played another game - the board game Temptation... and I won! Woo hoo! My bro claimed it was just cos I was younger and had better reflexes on the buzzer. I claim superior knowledge. hehe

The next day, Christmas Day, Sim and I went to his parents place for a great morning of seeing family and opening Christmas presents. The tradition of pineapple daiquiris continued, which I was completely fine with... mmm. At lunch, my bro and I headed to our aunty's for a massive Christmas feast, wearing paper crowns and listening to the bad bon bon jokes. What does it say about my cousin that he can correctly answer those really bad jokes? I think it takes a certain 'talent' :)

We then played more trivia (this time the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire boardgame!) but sadly I did not win this time... Damn you, Shane! hahaha We also saw a cool movie called Adventures in Babysitting which was a movie that my cousins had grown up watching. Similar to my bro and I and Nintendo I guess... Dinner of garlic prawns and garlic bread (my cousins are Italian) was cool, before heading home after great Christmas festivities.

Over the Christmas / New Year's break, I didn't get up to very much at all which was excellent. Played Super Mario World a lot. Watched a heap of Six Feet Under. Saw 2007 in with style, while having homemade hamburgers and fries and watching Napoleon Dynamite with Sim and his sister and brother-in-law. Here's some random tidbits I picked up from reading too much Wikipedia on the break from work:

"Chun-Li has inspired some influence on the music industry. The British rock band Arctic Monkeys have an instrumental song titled "Chun-Li's Flying Bird Kick" and was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance."

Street Fighter related April Fools Day Joke:


Recently, I found a fake map of Melbourne's train network, which looks quite impressive. A lot of work has gone into it... You can find it here:

Some of the features and major changes of the map include:

New extensions / electrification of the Lilydale, Epping, Cranbourne, Sydenham, Upfield and Melton, Doncaster and Alamein lines. Includes the Glen Waverley / Huntingdale rail loop via Knox City and Stud Park shopping centres. The Airport Express service direct from Southern Cross to the Airport and vice versa with optional hotel transfer buses included in the price of your Airport Express ticket. The map now supports the dual myki / Metcard system. Over half of the network's unmanned stations have now been upgraded to either Host or Premium with the addition of many host stations now being premium. Inclusion of all zone 2 V/line services on map. Many new and re-instated stations have been added to the network.

The fake map details extensions to 10 lines including Werribee, Melton, Sydenham, Broadmeadows, Epping, Alamein, Glen Waverley, Pakenham, Cranbourne and Flemington Racecourse, plus new routes to Doncaster, Aurora and Melbourne airport.

It also links the Broadmeadows, Upfield and Epping lines, and introduces a loop between the Alamein, Glen Waverley and Pakenham lines to include stations at Knox City and Chadstone.

A line has also been introduced between Merri station on the Epping line and Jewell station on the Upfield line to include stops at North Carlton and North Fitzroy. But the map carries a disclaimer in fine print stating that it will be effective "when the current network matches this map".

Speaking of Melbourne trains (and girls?) , I recently saw my good friend Erica in her first solo performance as "Erica Ordinary" at Wesley Anne in Northcote. It was such a cool gig. I had "Aeroplanes" including the wrist slap of the guitar part of the song in my head for several days following the gig. Am really looking forward to the debut EP Don't Fall in Love with Engineers... :)

That's the end of my rant.
Have a good day.
Thanks for reading. :)

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