Sunday, July 02, 2006  

This little dumpling went to market...

This little dumpling went to market
This little pork bun looked at littleblacksheep scarves
This little wonton had a wonderful time at section 8
Three little piggies in an outdoor bar on a winter's night
And this little blogger went "Wee! Wee! Wee!" all the way home.

My above, somewhat obscure, rendition of the This Little Piggy nursery rhyme illustrates what a great night Emma, Jackie and I had with Erica at the "Section 8" market on Wednesday night.

Having enjoyed "dumplings in soup" and "Shanghai vegetarian fried rice" before meeting Erica, we literally went next door to have a look at the artisans selling their wares at the "Section 8" market, which I am told was once a car park. A converted cargo container acted as a bar and black umbrellas hung precariously on wires overhead creating a wonderful ambience and mood. Minimal lighting crept its way up and along the brick walls of the building next door; the light was showcasing the knitted, woven and screen printed shirts, scarves, leg warmers and other materials.

In an non-knitting, yet Chinese-related story, Sim has returned from Hong Kong! Yay!! :) :) :)

I don't have much more to blog about... I'm keen to turn around and watch Big Brother, given the recent scandal.

Stay tuned...

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